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Drilling Services


Well drilling

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depending on purpose and penetrated formation, as well as availability of local rigs: AFRICAN WATER expertise covers direct rotary drilling, reverse rotary drilling, DTH-hammer drilling, foam drilling, core drilling.


Well cleaning & development

After finishinng the drilling job and installation, our experts do a cleaning of the well by carefully airlifting to remove mud and drilling debris, interval pumping at different discharge rates, shock pumping, to guarantee a sand free and sustainable well result for the final users


Borehole & Well logging

For geophysical logging of boreholes we recommend a final documentation by logging Caliper, resistivity at different arrays, sonic, temperature, self potential, gamma, neutron porosity, etc.
For completed wells we offer the conduction of fluid-logging, which comprises the vertical measurement of the flow in the casing string and groundwater quality. Fluid-logging is run under static and dynamic conditions, meaning during logging, the well is pumped at different discharge rates. The compilation of all collected information allows for reliable detection of the productive part of the aquifer as well as for possible vertical changes of groundwater quality.
Finally we offer the conduction of video-logging.



Geohydraulic tests


AFRICAN WATER conducts a pumping test program that is comprised of a step drawdown test, which is run ofer at least three steps of an increased discharge rate, each step lasting approximately four hours, followes by a recovery period as long as the previous discharge period lasted. The evaluation of the step drawdown test provides information of the well performance and efficiency, as well as other well characteristics, while the longterm constant discharge test reveals information on the long-term production and the geohydraulic aquifer properties.

The state of the art pumping tests are conducted with automatic digital recording of various parameters, such as flow volume, ground water level above submersible pump, ground water pressure above and below the pump, groundwater leve and pressure on monitoring wells

Physico chemical parameters of the produced groundwater, of groundwater in the well above and below the pump, of groundwater column in monitoring wells