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Geological Services

Consultancy Services


AFRICAN WATER covers all expertise of remote sensing and GIS application win water resource evaluation, targeting potential groundwater sites. This includes an intire ground water management approach.

Parts of this are 

  • conventional geological and hydrogeological mapping
  • geophysical mesurements
  • data logging
  • site selection, well drilling, well field management and optimization
  • Well design including casings, pump selection, and pump tests
  • Geopysical prestudies for water exploration
  • Water balance studies
  • Water resources monitoring
  • Groundwater and surface water exploration
  • Hydrochemical analysis for water quality assessment
    (AFRICAN WATER is selected cooperation partner of the world leading analysis company!)
  • Environmental impact assessment on water resources
  • Environmental studies



Geological studies

We collect all avialable data, starting by analyzing satellite data from NASA or ESA. Partners of AFRICAN WATER are specialized in manipulating these information and give first indication of geology and hydro geology.


Geophysical tests

After the first analysis of avialable data and geological and hydro geological maps we recommend the conduction of geophysical tests to gain information in a very early stage of the project.



Geohydraulic tests


AFRICAN WATER conducts a pumping test program that is comprised of a step drawdown test, which is run ofer at least three steps of an increased discharge rate, each step lasting approximately four hours, followes by a recovery period as long as the previous discharge period lasted. The evaluation of the step drawdown test provides information of the well performance and efficiency, as well as other well characteristics, while the longterm constant discharge test reveals information on the long-term production and the geohydraulic aquifer properties.

The state of the art pumping tests are conducted with automatic digital recording of various parameters, such as flow volume, ground water level above submersible pump, ground water pressure above and below the pump, groundwater leve and pressure on monitoring wells

Physico chemical parameters of the produced groundwater, of groundwater in the well above and below the pump, of groundwater column in monitoring wells.